Nicorette & Spotify teamed up with the Berklee Music and Health Institute to create unique tracks, each crafted specifically to help curb nicotine cravings. Music is scientifically proven to activate the same pleasure centers in your brain that nicotine does – so just as smoking affects things like tension, anxiety and mod – music helps regulate those same physiological and psychological functions that smoking does to trigger a dopamine release. With the help of Nicorette’s SmokeLess Break Beats, you can break better with the science of music.

Client: Nicorette, Spotify
Agency: FCB New York
Production Company: Eleanor Films
Service Production Company: Mercy Films
Producer: Karen Kloppers
Director: Talya Galasko
DOP: Adam Bentel
Art Director: Sarah Jane Mould
Wardrobe: Ane Strydom
Colorist: Katya Johnson
Sound: Vuyo Rhoda
Talent: Liza Scholtz
VO: Natasha Loaring